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  • Mushroom unit:
    The unit is used for demonstrating all the steps in mushroom cultivation.
  • Polyhouse:
  • Drip irrigation unit:
    Drip irrigation system in sugarcane has been installed for water saving and demonstration purpose to the farmers.
  • Nutrition Garden Unit:
    It is scientifically laid out integrated unit of vegetables, fruits and pulses on three kanal area which demonstrates the planned cultivation of these crops throughout the year.
  • Multipurpose Hall:
    This hall serves as training hall, exhibition hall and committee room. It is well furnished and equipped with audio-visual aids like Projector, Computer, Mic with Speakers etc. for conducting on campus trainings.
  • Library/Book sale:
    The library has wide collection of books/journals/CDs on different subjects related to agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry. All these books/CDs are available to farmers, free of cost for reference. Various publications of PAU are available for purchase by the farmers at university fixed prices.
  • Home Science laboratory:
    The lab is well equipped with materials/equipments for providing training in value addition of farm based products, home crafts etc.
  • Automatic weather station:
    Various sensor/instruments have been installed for recording weather parameters like minimum and maximum air temperature, air pressure, soil temperature, soil moisture, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiations, rainfall, relative humidity etc.
  • Seed Counter:
    Seed of latest varieties of different crops like Wheat, Gram, Berseem, Rice/Basmati Rice etc produced at the KVK farm or at other university seed farms, is sold throughout the year at KVK.
  • Vehicles:
    KVK owns one bolero, one motorcycle and one scooter for field visits and other field activities.